Caste - The Killer Trope

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Written by Pt Satish K Sharma

"Have you been accused of being High Caste and therefore automatically judged evil ?

Has your child been vilfied and accused of being evil, just because of your surname ?

Have you been made to feel inferior for no reason?

Are you tired of trying to prove your innocence, your goodness, your genuine humanist perspective and your dharmic desire to see good things for all Humanity?

Let's talk about Caste ..

Almost everyone on the planet has heard of the "Ancient Hindu Caste" system and somehow, almost everyone knows how horrible it is, but what if it wasn't ancient and it wasn't Hindu? Almost everyone on the planet knows that the colonialist erasure of indigenous languages and ideas was a horrific chapter in human history, but what if it's not over, what if it's morphed in to a new form, just as devastating and destructive, and what if the Caste issue holds the key to revealing it?